Is my 360 result visible to my team mates? What do I see?

360 Categories Boss Carly* All 360 results are private to the learner (and his or her Coach). No team mates or raters have access to that on the app.  The only way a team mate would see it is if the learner shares it. 

* Relationship Categories of raters you invite which become visible to you as a learner are also subject to the requirement that there be a minimum of three raters in any given Relationship Category for that Category to be displayed.  This masks the feedback, and ensures anonymity, presumably maximizing the candor of the ratings. In the graphic (below/attached) the Peer category is broken out, because it has 3+ respondents

* When there are not 3 raters in any given category, all ratings are displayed in a blanket category named: “Other Ratings”

* The singular exception to the ‘rule of 3’ is that a rater invited in the learners ‘Leader/Boss’ category will display with less than 3 raters responding (see the samples below)

360 PDF Report Sample-Categories

360 Categories Boss Carly

 360 Splash Screen