Applications for the Leadership Dashboard

There are many use cases for developing better teaming and leadership skills, here are a few of the most typical:

Leadership Development

Matrix Insights can be used as part of a leadership development program. Matrix Insights offers highly targeted development strategies for a number of standard leadership competencies based on personality. Also, specific competency development opportunities are identified for each profile.

Team Building

We built Matrix Insights’ to enhance teamwork by helping team members build understanding, appreciate differences in perspectives and skills, and find ways to communicate effectively, build relationships, and work through differences.

Individual Development

Different people have different development needs. Matrix Insights can help identify and facilitate discussions on key developmental opportunities based on personality profiles. As a performer-driven solution, learners take responsibility for their learning and development with formal development tasks, on-demand resources, and continuous learning. Coaches have tools to support the learner through this journey.

On-Demand Learning and Performance Support

Many of us learn best at the point of immediate need. Learners and teams can access resources that offer highly targeted perspectives and action tips for communicating and building effective relationships when they need it most. Matrix Insights can also be integrated into learning and development portals or corporate universities to provide highly targeted developmental resources to learners across the organization.


Rapidly orient new team members to intact teams they join, using one or more Lenses completed by the entire team.


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