Browser Window Zoom Settings

Your browser has the capability to zoom, or change magnification. This will impact the placement of some buttons, and other elements of the interface, perhaps leaving some elements off screen. If you’re not seeing the interface as you’d expect, try these steps to troubleshoot with your zoom settings:

1. You can zoom ‘out’ on most web browsers by going to the (tools) menu, then choose Zoom, and then, the minus sign, or plus sign, until you can see the desired features in the browser window. Finding the Tools menus in your browser will differ by browser, but for example, in Google Chrome, you can find these within the at the top right of the Chrome browser. In an earlier version of Chrome, this More icon was previously a wrench as well as a ≡ icon . The icon has changed, but the functionality within the icon has not.

2. If you’re on a PC, the keystroke: Ctr + Minus Sign, or Ctr + Plus Sign will typically also do the trick

3. If you’re on a Mac, Cmd + Minus Sign, Ctr + Plus Sign is the zoom keystroke combination

4. If zooming alone does not work, try going back a page, zooming out, and then restarting the page upload.

5. You should also be able to scroll down in a window that is overzoomed. If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, that will often permit you to navigate about an overzoomed screen as well.

These resources might help also with zoom/magnification issues:

If you use Google Chrome:

If you use Safari:

If you use Internet Explorer: