Completing Discovery, Like Crossing the Goal Line

Close but not Complete

It sometimes happens that learners will get all the way to the goal line, but not quite cross over the final inch.  All the discovery exercises culminate at a “Select Best Fit” button, and a “Confirm & Complete” button.  

Some learners will go as far as a suggestions screen (see below), which is just short of completion. Two steps short of completion to be exact. 

Most Likely best fit The goal line looks like this, after you hit the ‘View’ button, select Select Best Fit button: 

Select Best Fit

And then the final completion (the end zone) is this button here, labeled “Confirm & Complete:”


Remember:  learners who progressed this far but did not complete, or who are reviewing discovery again for any reason can navigate straight to sections they desire to revisit (including the Select Best Fit segment) with this drop down menu.

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