Qualification & Certification


Those users who Coach, Train, or educate others using Matrix Insights as part of their curriculum, facilitation or coaching toolset can choose to train formally with our team of experts, and achieve a Qualification, or Certification badge.

Our certification program is available as an online (asynchronous), or online live  offering. The list price to become certified is $700. There are currently 8 optional classes in the certification program, with more to follow. Think of Class 1 as the mandatory entry point, and all others are electives based on your Lenses of interest. 

You can read more detail about the program here:  http://blog.matrixinsights.com/introducing-the-matrix-insights-qualification-certification

The class offerings, registration and schedule follows.  Certification is granted upon confirmed completion of any four classes.  There are currently 8 planned classes in total, with class 1 being the only requirement. You can find all the recorded classes online here: 


Class Listing* 

Class 1:  Core Administration (Qualification Class)

Class 2:  Applications of Interaction Styles 

Class 3: Applications of Essential Motivators 

Class 4: Applications of EQ

Class 5: Applications of Personality Type 

Class 7: TeamPulse

Class 8:  Workshops:  Planning and Execution 

Future schedule: 

Class 6: Performance 5 (TBD)

* Only class 1 is required.  Consider all other classes electives, and you should attend them based on your interests and business practices.

Program overview: http://blog.matrixinsights.com/introducing-the-matrix-insights-qualification-certification

Recording from Class 1: https://www.matrixinsights.com/webinars/qualification-core-administration-class-1-live-online-april-edition

Future Schedule & Registration for Live Online:  https://www.matrixinsights.com/webinars

Learning Confirmation Form

Confirm your independent study with the appropriate Learning Confirmation Forms, which serve as the syllabus, as well as the capstone to each class.  They each contain instructions for completion, and submission.  To receive yours, please email:   certification@matrixinsights.com

Frequently Asked Questions about Qualification, and Certification

Q: What is the cost of Qualification, and Certification?

A: Qualifying to use the platform by completing the Core Application course: $275. Certifying for full use of the Matrix Insights platform is $599, which includes the Core Application program and up to three lenses. Unlimited lens classes cost $700. Discounts, and corporate programs may be available, so contact us to learn more at certification@matrixinsights.com

Q: How long are classes?

A: Class length varies, but live online classes typically range between 60-90 minutes. Each class has 6-8 units of roughly 10 minutes each.

Q: Are the classes offered Online?

A: Live (classroom) offering dates will be published online when they become available. Meanwhile, our classes will all be offered Live Online in an interactive webinar setting. See the Live Online class listings at this website:

Q: What is a Learning Confirmation Form?

A: Like a registration packet, or syllabus, the Learning Confirmation Form is your guide to getting the most of the class, or classes you’ll be taking on the your path to Certification. It’s also the capstone to each class, and includes a series of questions to be returned as you progress through each gateway of the process, and help us credit your work.

Q: How many classes in the Qualification path?

A: Qualification requires a single Class, named “Class 1: Core.” If you progress on to Certification, that requires any three additional classes, for a minimum of four classes. Check the offerings at this website: https://res.matrixinsights.com/resources/webinars/ 

Q: Do I have to take all the classes offered?

A: No, after the Core (Qualification) Class, take only those classes that make sense for your work, and the way you use Matrix Insights. The Qualification level requires only the Core (Qualification) Class 1.  Any 3 additional Classes, you choose which, will equip you to achieve Certification.

If you still have questions not answered above as to Matrix Insights certification, please email:



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