Sharing and Privacy

The Leadership Dashboard builds awareness of differences and provides a constructive, appreciative, and positive approach for recognizing differences and working together effectively.  We reinforce this approach through an upfront discovery process and personalized insights and action tips.  Further, we help build team effectiveness through the presentation and exploration of a team’s profile.

When an Administrator creates a team on the Leadership Dashboard, each member will share strengths and profiles with others on the team.  Sharing profiles allows members of the team to view Relationship and Team Insights based on the unique combination of profiles, enhancing appreciation and trust.  Development Insights and personalized Action Items are never shared with other members of the team.

If a team member feels uncomfortable sharing their profile, they can be removed from the team.  As a team leader, or administrator consider showing the team member how you use the Leadership Dashboard, and highlight the positive, constructive approach.  Explain that while they will still have access to their own Personal Insights, Development Insights, and Action Items, declining members will not have access to Relationship and Team Insights.  Further, other team members will not be able to see their profile and they will not be able to participate in TeamPulse surveys.