Slow Network Connection

Matrix Insights works only when you’re connected to the internet, and if your internet connection falters, you may see a message: “Slow Network Connection.”

If that happens, please try one of these steps to resolve the situation:

1. Refresh your web browser. Use the circular-arrow icon  refresh-icon-smallin your web browser.    If the connection has improved, that Slow Connection message should fade out.

2. Move your computer to a different spot, and see if you can improve your Wi-Fi bars status  wifi-bars-sm  (Repeat Step 1)

3. Try a different Wi-Fi connection from any other available hot-spot sources (Repeat Steps 1-2)

4. Try a different web browser from our list of viable web browsers (Repeat Steps 1-3)

5. Try a different computer, and see if the problem persists  (Repeat Steps 1-4)