TeamPulse Best Practices

We recommend that you incorporate TeamPulse into your regular team meetings to assure visibility and action that will promote important drivers of team effectiveness. Use this review template as a guide:

Step 1: Review TeamPulse results. What attributes are rated the highest? Or the lowest? Why? What attributes have changed over time?

Step 2: Discuss: Ask team members to provide their feedback on what they feel might have caused any changes in ratings? Or why a given attribute may be rated lower than others. Ask the team what they can do to improve performance on that attribute. If you want the team to move forward, creating an open and psychologically safe environment to discuss what need to change is essential. Warning: Ask questions and do not become defensive. Whether accurate or inaccurate, and whether you agree or don’t agree, let team members express how they feel.

Step 3: Discuss: What should the team start doing?

Step 4: Discuss: What should the team stop doing?

Step 5: Discuss: What should the team continue doing?

Step 6: Set goals and assign action items for the upcoming week or month and remind the team that TeamPulse will be measured by a certain date to monitor progress.


How to Maximize Team Effectiveness with TeamPulse

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