About Matrix Insights

The future of teamwork, and relationships has arrived

Matrix Insights builds online software that supports anyone working to create better teams, and relationships. Using behavioral science, and the latest interactive learning and development technology, the software uses your profile, and tailored insights to help you and your team(s) learn strategies to be more effective, productive, and fulfilled.

About Matrix Insights – the Team

We believe there is a better way to achieve the unique potential of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Matrix Insight was founded by people who share that belief, and our leadership team consists of individuals with decades of experience in leadership development, personality type, coaching and e-learning.  Our vision is an innovative, effective, and superior learning and professional development experience.

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How to Use the Leadership Dashboard

The Leadership Dashboard is a suite of learning resources that help you apply personalized behavioral science to be more effective both individually and on your team.

With the Leadership Dashboard, you develop yourself, and your team in three primary areas:

  1. Learn: Learn about personality models and build your personality profile.
  2. Improve Communication and Build Relationships:  View personalized-action tips for enhancing communication and building relationships with members of your team.
  3. Focus and Manage Your Professional Development to Be More Effective: View, select, and manage targeted development strategies and action tips to enhance your effectiveness.


Complete Discovery: In most cases, the first step is completing a Discovery exercise, (sometimes referred to as an assessment). In this phase, you learn about a selected personality model and build your own profile. Your completed Discovery exercise is a selected profile, your best fit. You may repeat the Discovery as many times as you like. If you select a new profile, this will update your profile. If you exit without a creating a new profile, you will retain the prior profile.

Note: Depending on your situation, your administrator may bypass the Discovery Assessment if they already know your profile from alternate sources such as another personality instrument, workshop, or individual meetings. In this case, they may enter your profile directly in the system and you may not have access to the Discovery Assessment.

Explore Your Personality Report: In Personal Insights, you may view a report for your personality profile. As you view the report, you can indicate how well each description fits you, and this information will be used to build your profile. Viewing your profile report provides an opportunity to reflect and better understand your core preferences and behaviors.

If you are still unsure about whether you have the correct profile, you may select Compare Profile for a side-by-side view of your current profile and an alternate profiles. If you decide another profile fits you best, go to your profile page to update. You also may return and complete the Discovery Assessment anytime.

Improve Communication and Build Relationships

View Relationship Reports: In Relationship Insights, select members of your team to view strategies for improving communication and building relationships.

If you have multiple teams, first select the team. Then select a member of the team. You may view side-by-side comparisons of your profile to establish an understanding of your similarities and differences. You may also select “type-to-type” relationship reports to view targeted relationship insights and action tips based on the combination of your personality profiles.

Return to Relationship Insights any time you experience communication challenges, or conflict. Relationship Insights delivers new perspectives, and tailored action tips for you, and your colleagues. 

View Your Team Profile: In Team Insights, view the profile of your team across multiple dimensions and consider how the profile impacts your team effectiveness.

Focus and Manage your Professional Development

Select Development Strategies and Action Tips: In Development Insights, view targeted development strategies and action tips based on your personality profile and feedback.

Indicate what is useful and what is not: We use your feedback to provide you better recommendations.

Create Action Items: When the Insights content is most resonant, keep it “top of mind,” create an Action Item to manage, and provide feedback about your progress. You may select to receive e-mail reminders to reinforce your development.

View and Manage your Action Plan: On the Home page, view all Action Items you’ve selected, and create your own new items.