Who should participate in TeamPulse?

TeamPulse is designed for teams, in the collective sense, not merely to target any individual member(s). A common point of discussion arises from survey questions in TeamPulse, like the question about effective leadership.

Q: When a TeamPulse is active, should the (ranking) team manager participate? 

A:  All TeamPulse questions are focused on addressing collective team effectiveness, not just management.  It’s a common misperception that the “effective leadership” survey question refers exclusively to the effectiveness of the team manager, or ranking member.  Effective Leadership in the sense of TeamPulse is something all team members contribute to.  Indeed, Team leadership can (and in many cases should)  be shared among all team members at different times, for different purposes.  So yes, all team members including the team leader or team manager should participate in a TeamPulse survey from that perspective. 

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