Your First Assignment-Relationship Insights

Relationship Insights help you better understand team mates with whom you collaborate. Becoming more aware of your team mates preferences, and more agile to their needs improves communication, reduces stress, and improves outcomes. These benefits accrue to you as individuals, and your team as a whole.

Start by logging in, then heading over to Relationship Insights from the home page.

To get started in Relationship Insights choose a person on one of your teams with whom you’d like to have a better relationship. (1) If you have multiple teams, first choose which Team to display. (2) Then choose a Team mate. Perhaps you have a team mate that’s recently joined your team, or one who you’ve begun working more closely with.

Once you’ve selected the team mate, read through the suggested Insights.  Note the left navigation which indexes shortcuts to popular topics we all have to learn to address in our relationships.

Rate the usefulness of any Insights content you take time to read. Interacting with the content helps build your profile, and further refines content you and team mates see in the future.

Add the Insights you find most compelling as an Action Item to your Action Plan, and mentally commit to add those Insights tips and strategies into your behavioral tool kit for working with this team mate. If you like, program the Leadership Dashboard to send you a periodic reminder.  Perhaps the reminder makes sense on a weekly basis, before a recurring team meeting. Better still share with someone you work closely with that you’re working on this particular Action Item, and why.

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Watch a Tutorial on Relationship Insights