EQ Agility Review

After some time has passed, you may wish to survey EQ Agility learners a second time to measure progress. We refer to this as a Follow Up, or EQ Review.

Consult with your Matrix Insights representative to determine if this is right for your learners, or read the Frequently Asked Questions below for guidance.

To create an EQ Agility Follow Up assessment, navigate to the user profile, and click on the button labeled: “+ Follow Up Instance”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is an appropriate time interval between the initial, and follow up assessments?

A: It is dependent upon the learner, but at least 12-18 months between EQ Agility 360’s is a common recommendation. You may find that some learners actually require more time for improved habits to be both implemented and observed by raters.

Q: What happens to the last EQ Agility profile report?

A: The prior EQ Agility exercise is locked, if it was not already. Once you create the follow up instance, no additional self ratings or 360 feedback is available.

Q: Do I have to recreate the configurations of the prior EQ Agility learning experience?

A: EQ follow-up assessments by default copy the learner’s last EQ Agility configuration including the Emotional Competencies assigned. The follow up instance assigns the learner a new discovery, as well as re-inviting all 360 multi-raters to give feedback again. Administrators can optionally reconfigure competencies, and/or change rater identities in the Invitation wizard steps.

Q: What is the fee for a Follow Up instance?

A: As long as the learner’s subscription remains active, there is no additional fee for an EQ Review. To find the cost for renewing a learner subscription, check your subscriber agreement, or contact your Matrix Insights representative. In most cases, renewals are sold at 25% of the first/prior year subscription.

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