Group Management: Bulk Processes

For any Group (either a Team or Administrative Group) you’ve created you can use the Select All feature to assign things like a Coach, or subscribe the users to an additional Lens, or send an email to all the users in a given Group.  If you navigate to the Group, then click Select All, those options become available as a bulk, or group process.    

For example,  to assign a coach to a group of users, use this click path:    Groups > Find Group > Select All > More > Assign Coach

NOTE:  The Administrator and the Coach both need to be ‘in or above the Organization in question’ to be assigned to learners in any given Organization.  

PRO TIP:  Any cohort or class of users who may receive similar group treatment (such as the Class of 2022) can be assigned to an Administrative Group at the time of creating the original Invitation for members of that Group.

Read more on how to use the Invitation Wizard.Group Management-Annotated